The Jeremiah2911Ministries Story

After an encounter with Jesus changed me forever, I was given a vision for a media ministry that would not only help individuals find greater hope in their futures and develop a relationship with Jesus, but it would also help them utilize various forms of media themselves.

The name Jeremiah2911Ministries was given in Summer 2015, with going online February 22, 2016. That was the beginning of a growing and expanding journey that continues to move forward each day. It began with just a few social media posts. Now, J2911M ministers to the individual through the use of blog articles, visual graphics, music, and videos, while assisting others with growing and developing their own social media ministries.

Meet J2911M

Michelle Stokley

Hello! I’m Michelle Stokley, the founder of Jeremiah2911Ministries. I am a Daughter of the King, a worship leader, a prophetic writer/editor, an intercessor, a media coordinator, a mother, and a wife. I’m also the Director of Marketing/Promotions and Membership for Worship Team Training University! I deeply love Jesus and want others to know Him. I enjoy helping others reach their goals and realize the dreams God has placed within them. I seek to encourage those who need encouragement and seek to offer hope and direction to those who may have lost sight of hope in their lives. I also have a vision for uniting prophetic women together so that they can learn from each other, pray for one another, teach one another, glean from one another, and grow together as strong women and leaders in Christ.

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